Family Links

The Kretzschmer Family Site
New information is added to the Høyer family which is linked to the Kretzschmer family now living in Denmark.

The Rewentlow Family Site
We realise that Adelheid Henriette Louise Caroline von Eyben (b.1808), who later becomes baronesse Pechlin, is the link to a number of other families now living in Denmark. The site is very extensive with both family data and background information. Finn Edler von Eyben
Curriculum Vitae for Finn Edler von Eyben.

Jacob von Eyben
My sons is blogging about software development - and another blog focus on differences and similarities between Denmark and Sweden, written in collaboration with his swedish born girlfriend Mia.

Scott Haworth Homepage
In the spring of 2000 we established the link between von Eyben and the Haworth family who today lives in California. Through our databases we found our common ancestor to be Caroline Amalie Henriette Christiane von Eyben (1773 - 1852).

Mike Rosenørn-Lanng Homepage
The link between our families is Adelheid Henriette Loiuse Caroline Comtesse Eyben (1808 - 1882).

The von Eyben Family Homepage
A service provided to registered owners of FamilyTreeMaker for Windows - the program I use to maintain all data for this site.
Yes, we have this name registered and you will find a lot of information about Quicktime, web production and 3D animations.


Index for "Dansk Adelsaarbog"
A list of families as index to this continued series of books that describe the noble families living in Denmark.

Rigsarkivet - The National Archives in Copenhagen
This is the library that keep the original files of our family history as collected by postmester August von Eyben in the 1890-ies.

Facts about Genealogical Research in Denmark
This article from 1970 is basic information for anyone who endeavours to make research in Denmark. Published by Samfundet for dansk genealogi og Personalhistorie.
A genealogy site finder and much more. A good place to search for other family sites, software and background information.
Another fine source for geneaology research.

Hvis din browser kunne vise JAVA, ville du nu se Politikens aktuelle overskrifter.

Denmark Today
Everything that´s going on in Copenhagen right now, entertainment, theaters, cinemas
The two major TV stations in Denmark both show news and videoclips from Denmark - the Danish Broadcast Corporation (DR) and TV2.
And a great Danish newspaper Politiken.
Not to forget: FilmSolutions which is where I work as a journalist and film producer.

Tourist in Denmark
The official tourism homepage of the Danish Tourist Board.
Interactive panorama images and various tourist info about Denmark - click on the place you want to see!

The Royal Family and the Government
The official homepage for Folketinget - the Danish Parliament.
The Royal Family in Denmark also has its official homepage.