Pluto - our new Labrador Retriever (April 2002)
Join us in celebating our youngest family member. A real quity! You will love the images of this puppy, only 8-10 week old!

eyeQ Music Video by Terese (2002)
As a personal project in the 10th grade of Copenhagen International School, my daughter Terese decided to record and produce a complete music video. Hear the song and see the video on this page!

"Retten er Sat" - Success on Danish television (1955-1965)
When television was a newborn baby in Denmark, professor W.E. von Eyben produced a series of court cases that was so compelling that they emptied streets in Denmark for a whole decade.

40 years after the Hungarian Uprise (1996)
The uprise in Hungary in 1956 resulted in a stream of refugees that fled from the Soviet soldiers - many came to Denmark to start a new life. This story tells how the daily life at Egmont Kollegiet changed because of this part of the long road towards a free Europe. My father and mother tell the story.

I am a lazy Professor (1969)
A strong debate on what exactly a professor should work with during the youth rebellion of 1968 inspired my father to write this essay that was published in a major Danish newspaper. I am a very lazy professor!

Struensee and Elisabeth - Denmark 1772
William Edler von Eyben researched a lot into the dramatic events in Denmark in 1772. Several members of our family where close to the Royal family and became part of the national drama as it unfolded.
Listen to music from 1772 and hear my father tell the story!

Tinghuset - Our Summerhouse in North Sealand
With my two brothers I share a nice, old summerhouse in Liseleje on the north coast of Zealand. Here is a story about how the house moved to the location shortly after Worldwar II ended.


Ragna (1999)
My fathers' Christmas Card - written one year after my mother died.

William og Ragna - Our Parents (June 2000)
Letter written by the three sons after my fathers' funeral.