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We are now able to scientifically trace our family history all the way back to the roots of humanity.
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Hulderich Edler von Eyben
and his family

This is the story about a spectacular man and his descendants. His name is Hulderich Edler von Eyben and I am proud to be his 6th great grandson. Hulderich lived in Germany in 1629 to 1699 - helped build the University in Giessen and was ennobled by the German Emperor Leopold in 1681.

This site reflects an effort to bring his story well into the future - and to extend it to include different branches of our family. This enables us to connect with even more family lines - across the globe - by sharing our data.

The text is a mixture of English, Danish and German texts - and will probably stay that way.

I hope you will find this story interesting - and please do not hesitate to contact me if you can add more detail, more information, more life!

Keld von Eyben
Copenhagen, Denmark

Family Update

Updating this site with a better tree view and updated design is initiated.

Lucas Edler von Eyben, my second grandson, is born in Copenhagen.

Oliver Edler von Eyben, my first grandson, is born in Copenhagen.

My son, Jacob von Eyben, marries his girlfriend for more than 11 years, Mia Johansson, during a surprise wedding, secretly held in Copenhagen.

Adding the Genographic Project to this site.

Thomas and Sanne von Eyben gives birth to their second child - a girl!

Hanni Müller, my mother-in-law, dies in Copenhagen.

Nicolas Edler Bird von Eyben is born at the Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis in Amsterdam. Warm gratulations to Rie and David!

Mathias Edler Bird von Eyben is babtised in Vor Frue Kirke in Odense, Denmark.

Thomas and Sanne von Eyben gives birth to their son - Mads Edler von Eyben.

A major upgrade of the NAMES section to a design which includes the portraits and photographs.

We have received impressive new data about our earliest ancestors thanks to Søren Kretzschmer: In 1579 Eybe Haiken married Charlotte Victoria Margaretha Kretzschmer. We now know that their son, our ancestor Haike Eybe, had a brother, Aleksander Eybe. Check it out in the NAMES section!

Mathias Edler Bird von Eyben is born in Los Angeles, California.

Knud Høyer dies in Ålborg, Denmark.

Interested in the music industry? Please help my daughter fill in this questionnaire. It is anonymous and only takes 3 minutes to complete.

Ulrich Edler von Eyben dies in Gothenburg, Sweden, and is buried on what should have been his 80 years' birthday.

New information is added to the Høyer family which is linked to the Kretzschmer family now living in Denmark.

My daughter adds the middle name Angela and is now officially known as Terese Angela von Eyben. She hopes this will initiate a new tradition in our family.

We realise that Adelheid Henriette Louise Caroline von Eyben (b.1808), who later becomes baronesse Pechlin, is the link to a number of other families now living in Denmark. will give you more information.

Merete von Eyben publishes her book: "Karin Michaëlis: Incest as Metaphor and the Illusion of Romantic Love". Available at

My brother Finn von Eyben and Lis Berthelsen marries in Odense, Denmark. We are looking forward to receive more data about her family!

A new line of the family is located in Germany stemming from Friederike von Eyben (b. 1820). Many new names are thus being added to the database!

Elisabeth gives birth to
Johannes Schioldann von Eyben - congratulations!
More information about our family in Australia - thanks Jill!
And now the Names pages are also available in Danish!

The entire site is moved to the "right" address
And a story about our new dog Pluto is added - you will love to see the images!

Finally! Time for a major update of this site!
• New information from Australia is included.
"When and Where" updated to reflect birthdays and anniversaries in 2002.
A music video created by my daughter, Terese, is a succes at Copenhagen International School. Click at the Stories section!

Else von Eyben dies in Queensland, Australia.

Rie von Eyben - graduation ceremony at UCLA in California.

Sanne Kold and Thomas von Eyben marries in Stengaarden Kirke, Copenhagen.

The photo gallery has been completely redesigned to allow sorting by surname, family name and year.

A new store about the TV series "Retten er sat" which emptied the streets in Denmark in the 1950ies. This story is based on notes and scripts from my father who made everybody discuss law and order.

Mikkel Edler von Eyben is born in Copenhagen.

Danny von Eyben dies in Gotenburg, Sweden.

A general update af all family files on this site.

A wonderful essay "Jeg - en luddoven professor" added in the Stories section. Enjoy!

Birthdays and anniversaries in 2001? Click on "When and Where" for a ready-to-print calendar!

Christmas Vacation is a wondeful thing! Now some of my parents' famous christmas cards has been brought online under "stories"!

Leif Høyer dies. The family database is updated to include the closest parts of the Høyer family and my mothers' ancestors.

New and improved menu system.
Easy-to-print book added!

Elna von Eyben, born Beltoft, dies in Copenhagen.

This website is brought on-line

Henning Anthon dies - only a few months after being appointed Honorable Doctor at the University of Copenhagen.

Frederikke Schioldann von Eyben born in Copenhagen.

Merete von Eyben os awarded a Ph.D. in Germanic Languages at UCLA.

William Edler von Eyben - my father - dies in Copenhagen.