The entire family timeline (94kb)
All people in the database has been placed on this timeline that flows from early 1300 to today.
Includes various historical events from an American biased, fixed list inside FamilyTreeMaker, that does add some perspective as to what happened during the lifetime of our family members.

Calendar - Anniversaries and Birthdays (69kb)
Everything you will ever need to fill in your calendar with important family events!

Huldrich Edler von Eyben
A unique timeline for Hulderich and his family - wives and children - compared to historical events at his time. Gives an interesting snapshot of what happened during Hulderich's lifetime while he established his brilliant success at the University in Giessen.

The Count Family Group
Also a timeline with historical events shoving the three count generations and the comtesse who where the last living person in this line of the family.


Our family in Europe (150 kb)
Where is Giessen in Germany - that town in Germany where Hulderich helped found a university?
You will all these answers on this map with all the names from the database listed geographically according to birthplaces.

Books for


The von Eyben Family Story
The von Eyben Family Tree

In these files you will find all descendants of Haiken Eibe as a continued story ready for printing on paper.

The Høyer family story
The Høyer Family Tree
In these files you will find descendants of Erik Holm that form the Høyer family in Denmark as a continued story ready for printing on paper.